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VideoRay ROV systems

VideoRay Pro4 Plus ROV fitted with Sonar & Manipulator

VideoRay Pro4 Plus ROV fitted with Sonar & Manipulator

Dual visual display panel & control unit

Dual visual display panel & control unit


We use the industry preferred VideoRay Pro4PLUS ROV systems. With full video & still imaging capability, our VideoRay remote operated vehicles are built for professional use.   Easily deployed by hand, no external launching equipment is needed.  The ROV is simply lowered into the water on its own tether, and can operate in up to 300m water depth & range.

Our ROV systems can also be fitted with an imaging sonar, to assist with finding hull / asset structure components, or navigating in and around obstacles.  


our Accessories include:  

  • Hull Crawler attachment, for image stability when navigating along the ship's hull 
  • BlueView imaging SONAR, for obstacle avoidance & general navigation.  
  • LYYN Video & Image enhancement, for use in or less than ideal water visibility.
  • Fitted with a manipulator for light tasks.
  • Underwater NDT (UT) thickness gauge with instantaneous surface readings.


Mobile & Portable

Our entire ROV systems can be checked as part of normal airline baggage.  The visual control panel and the ROV sub are each carried in their own dedicated hard shell case, similar in size to a personal suitcase. Setup takes one person just a few minutes, and this saves clients valuable time.