In-Water Surveys Inc.
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Classification Society Approved Specialists ...

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Lloyd's Register, DNV-GL, & ABS Approved service supplier.

Our Solutions

Marine inspections need to be completed with smart solutions providing the lowest risk to -personnel, with the least impact on operational NPT, all partnered with cost effectiveness.  In-Water Surveys Inc. offers innovative underwater inspection & marine assurance solutions which are the safest, most efficient and most cost favourable compared to traditional means. 

We have extensive experience facilitating in-water surveys and vessel inspections from the customer's perspective.  Operational experience includes AHTS, barges, tankers, semi-submersibles, FPSO, drill ships & passenger vessels.  


Assured Service

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, in the most safe & efficient manner.

We aim to offer our customers the best underwater survey & marine assurance solutions to meet their individual and unique needs.   


In-Water Surveys Inc. uses VideoRay ROV equipment & accessories.  Considered to be the best and most capable portable small ROV, our equipment is robust, effective and easily deployed by hand.   


Our personnel are professional technicians who are experienced, trained & certified to work offshore Canada & internationally.